Medical Student Life FAQ

The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA offers a combination of financial aid packages designed to help fund your education, from need-based financial aid to medical school scholarships

We provide a plethora of financial aid options to make education possible and affordable for you as a student.

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1. Make sure you study for your MCAT exam. It can take several months, but every hour you put into studying can really make a difference in your score.

2. Request your undergraduate transcripts so they can be sent to the schools of your choice.

3. Prepare your personal statements and other essays for the AMCAS application. The AMCAS application is a common application that is used by medical schools across the country. You can use this application to apply to many different schools.

Note: Give some careful thought about your personal journey to medicine: why this is the field you want to pursue and how it is going to fulfill your career goals and dreams for your life. 

4. Consider who to ask for letters of recommendation. These are important components because they provide outside perspective into your qualifications and credentials for the medical school application. 

All of these together, once submitted, will be holistically reviewed by the admissions team at each medical school. The process can take some time once you submit your application, but rest assured that it will be thoroughly reviewed. 

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At the David Geffen School of Medicine, we are proud to offer on-campus housing for all medical school students who are interested. We also have family housing for our medical school students with families.

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We have a very diverse medical school student population at the David Geffen School of Medicine, including first generation students and students traditionally underrepresented in medicine.

The medical school has a mission to further diversify the campus and will continue to recruit these types of students.

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The medical school has many first generation students and first generation students are the types of students we are going to continue to recruit for medical school.

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This brand new curriculum incorporates hands-on learning throughout every year of the program.

All medical school students participate, including our four program tracks.

  1. Traditional MD Track
  2. PRIME Leadership and Advocacy Track
  3. Charles R. Drew MEP Program Track
  4. MSTP Program Track

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