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Internal Resources

Our teams develop and maintain a suite of customized internal resources to support our community's diverse range of financial needs. We strive to provide the information and tools our clients need to do everything from submitting simple reimbursement requests to extracting actionable insights from historical financial data.

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Dean's Office Budget & Resource Planning

Take an active role in budgeting and planning by accessing budget and fund management tools, information on key policies and processes, and more.

Accounting, Reporting & Controls

Access the financial controls—including purchasing and payment policies—necessary for bookkeeping accuracy as well as process efficiency.

Business Analytics

Translate a wealth of data and insights into strategic decisions using a range of business analytics resources, including data storage and advanced modeling.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Get a range of resources and decision support to balance short-term financial goals with long-term institutional plans.

External Resources

In addition to offering our own resources, we've curated a list of helpful external resources that accommodate specialized needs related to research award compliance, UCLA-wide accounting policies, gift and endowment reporting, and more.

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