Ascend (Oracle Cloud)                        

The DGSOM Controller's Office plays a pivotal role as a primary stakeholder in the Ascend 2.0 project, assuming responsibility for overseeing, guiding, and coordinating the DGSOM response, implementation, and engagement throughout the initiative.

As liaisons between the Ascend project team and DGSOM departments, our team members actively facilitate communication and collaboration during the implementation of Ascend 2.0. Furthermore, we participate in Advisory Committees, including Finance, Research, Technology Enablement, and Change Management to ensure the DGSOM perspective and interests are well-represented.

The core responsibilities of our team include offering comprehensive insights that are tailored to the unique processes and procedures of the DGSOM. Our team plays a vital role in informing and educating department staff, articulating and advocating for DGSOM specific requirements and needs throughout the project lifecycle.

The primary focus is the design of DGSOM financial Chart of Accounts (CoA). By collaborating with stakeholders to retrofit or convert existing GL structures, we help ensure a seamless data conversion process. The team also participates in extensive testing and reconciliation to guarantee the robustness and effectiveness of the newly implemented financial systems. We are committed to supporting a smooth transition and adoption of Oracle Cloud by providing ongoing assistance and guidance.


UCLA campus Ascend project website


Please contact Edgar Cisneros,; Mollie Holt,; or Bujin Dorj,; for questions regarding these topics.